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Woodstock Nucleus Hives

Looking to start beekeeping or expand your current Apiary?

What is a Nucleus hive

A nucleus hive, also known as a Nuc, is a small hive that is used to start a new honeybee colony. It is typically made up of 3 or 4 frames of brood at all stages, (Eggs, Larvae and sealed) one or two frames of honey and a new queen.

Nucleus hives are a popular choice for beginner beekeepers because they are easy to manage and can be easily transported. Overwintered Nucs are quick to build up in spring and weather dependant quite often capable of producing a spring crop of honey and certainly a summer crop.

Spring made Nucs will be ready to produce a summer crop of honey but unlikely to be ready in spring to produce honey.

Nucleus availability

Overwintered nucs – early / mid April collection, weather permitting.

Seasonally produced nucs – May and June collection.

These dates are all weather permitting. 

We will give you regular updates on the progress of your Nuc but please allow 1 to 2 weeks either side of these dates.

Assets Chris

Chris’ Tip

If you are considering getting a nucleus hive, it is important to do your research and choose a hive that is right for your needs. You should also look on in our blog section for helpful tips and our ‘how to transfer a Nuc’ blog.

Nucleus hives are the perfect choice for beginners looking to start their beekeeping journey and also experienced beekeepers looking to expand.

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Our Overwintered 6 frame Nucs

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Our bees are very calm

Woodstock Nucs

Why do we sell Nucs?

Here at Woodstock, we specialise in producing some of the best overwintered and spring 5 and 6-frame nucleus hives in the UK.

Using generations of family knowledge dating back 100 years and traditional British beekeeping practices, we can supply strong, well-mannered and prolific Nucs headed by naturally mated Buckfast queens.

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How we Produce Our Nucs

Our Nucs are produced by removing frames of sealed brood and worker bees from a large strong colony and placing them into a smaller ‘Nuc box.’ we then introduce a naturally mated queen into the Nuc and taken away from the Apiary where the original colony is kept.

The Nuc is then left for 7 days before we inspect to make sure the worker bees have accepted their new queen.

We then feed the Nuc to help the worker bees build up to a good size.

Getting Started

How to care for your Nucs

Our 5 Frame Nucs come in temporary correx travel boxes which are vented to keep the bees cool and able to breathe. Until you arrive at the site you are keeping them you must keep them out of direct sunlight and in a cool place. If you are moving them in an enclosed vehicle, be sure to make sure the vehicle interior is not to warm.

We recommend Nucs in travel boxes to be transferred the same day of collection due to the colder or wet evenings, especially overwintered Nucs as these are sold in April/May

As soon as you have transferred your Nuc into a full hive we recommend feeding the hive to allow the bees to continue growing to a full hive.

Our 6-frame Nucs come in polystyrene boxes, These are suitable for all weather conditions so there is no immediate rush to transfer into a new hive however they will quicky outgrow the Nuc box, so we advise transferring them as soon as possible.

All our Nucs will come with at least one frame of food however we strongly recommend feeding all Nucs and continue to monitor their food levels to ensure they do not starve.

Want to get started with your own hives or increase your current hive numbers?

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