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Nucs details and terms and conditions

Our 5 and 6 Frame Nucleus come supplied with a naturally mated, unclipped & marked Buckfast queen to begin supply from April/may onwards.

The time shown below are weather permitting, unfortunately we cannot control the weather so please allow 1 to 2 weeks either side of what is displayed. We will keep you updated with times with as much notice as possible.


Overwintered Nucs Early to Mid April collection

Spring Nucs May and June collection

A £60 NON refundable deposit will be required to secure your Nuc/s and the final balance paid before collection or on collection. If in the rare circumstance Woodstock are unable to supply you the Nuc/s then we will refund your deposit.

Please make sure you input your correct contact details our first point of contact will be via email. If we are unable to contact you then you will be put at the bottom of the list for collection. Unfortunately we do not have the staff to chase customers that have not given their correct contact details .

When the Nucs are close to being ready for dispatch we will contact you to arrange collection. You will be given a time slot and collection day on or around the day we have previously arranged via email. Once a collection day is confirmed you can contact us to change the collection up to the 48hrs before, less than 48hrs from the collection day we cannot change as it takes a tremendous amount of work in the mornings to prepare Nucs for sale. If you cancel your collection within 48hrs of the collection day we reserve the right to cancel your order and you will lose your deposit.

Your Nuc will be supplied to you with brood at all stages (Eggs, Larvae and sealed brood) and a sufficient amount of stores, Typically at least 1 frame of stores however timings can vary the actual amount.

We recommend all of our Nucs should be fed as soon as you get them to their final home and that you monitor there store levels to avoid the hive starving.

Our 6 frame overwintered Nucs come in a Paynes poly hive which is suitable for all weathers, you do not have to transfer this immediately however we do recommend doing so as soon as possible as the bees will soon run out of space and potentially swarm.

Our 5 frames Nucs come in correx temporary travel boxes, these are for travel use only and not for long term use. Due to the cold evenings in spring we recommend transferring these Nucs the same day as you purchase them.

Woodstock will not be held responsible for Nucs that have starved, died or swarmed due to not being fed or transferred in the correct manner or time frame. If you require any guidance on any of the above we have a how to transfer Nucs guide in our news/blog section and you are more than welcome to contact us for any advice.

All our breeding hives are treated for varroa accordingly with approved VMD medication, which is recorded and kept for 5 years under the Veterinary medicines regulations 2011 so you can be sure your Nuc will be healthy and strong.

All of our Nucs are supplied on British Standard DN4 National frames which are suitable for a National Hive & WBC.

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