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Our Story

Your local beekeeper, providing local honey products

Let’s set the way-back-when machine to 1942 when Peter was 8 years old. Through and following WW2, his family kept bees to use honey as a sugar alternative.

The whole family helped with their other hives and the routine was as much a part of a family as a beloved pet.

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“I love the concept of a totally natural honey and when I received mine, not only does it taste great, it has so much more to it than all the everyday supermarket options.”

— Helen Newman, Facebook Review

From Hives, to Honey, to Woodstock

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This fella is Chris.

In 2018, Chris worked for a (now much older) Peter as his estate manager.  They decided to partner to form a business for community and commercial purposes!

Get in touch with Chris!
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We went from 20 to 400 hives in the first four years

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Our extraction now happens in a custom built barn

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We went from a 12 frame extractor to a 120 frame extractor

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The future of our family business

Chris and his family are eager to share their vision

This year (2023 if we forget to update next year!) is about transformation and growth for us.  Both personally – our little girl Lilly joined our family safely in August, keeping big sister Jessica on her toes; and professionally – with the redevelopment of Woodstock.

We’ve gone through a rebrand – with all graphics and visuals being bought inline with you, our fantastic community and buyers.

Plus, we’re going from two to twelve products, taking a more active role in the community, and reaching out to the business community with some great features.

There’s also the new inter-hive quidditch team some of the guys in field 4 are forming.

We’re Ready for More Growth!

Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the upcoming features you can take advantage of in the future.
  • Launch of our Subscription Service
    Natural, locally produced Woodstock English Honey you know and love, delivered to your home every month.
  • The Big Move
    Our growth is taking its toll, and it’s time to give our buzzing employees the upgrade they deserve!
  • Stockists, Stockists, Stockists…
    Woodstock is now on its way to shelves throughout Herts, Beds, and Bucks.
  • More with the Bees
    Stay tuned for the surprise on the horizon…

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Woodstock begin?
In 2018, I, Chris, partnered with Peter to start Woodstock English Honey. Starting with just 20 hives, we had a view to providing our local community with pure, quality honey.
Who works at Woodstock?
We currently have 2 beekeepers looking after our 400+ hives. Chris & Jamie are full time beekeepers and work in partnership with Peter to ensure the heritage of Woodstock is maintained. Julia, Chris’ wife currently looks after our socials and event bookings.
What do you enjoy most about beekeeping?
I love seeing our honey being enjoyed by local families and customers within the community.
What does the future look like for Woodstock?
We’re expanding our product range this year, allowing us to offer you a wider range of products and services. After that, we look to offer beekeeping experience days and share our experiences further with the local community. Got an idea you would love to see from us? Pop us a message!
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Any questions left?

Meet Julia
Hi! My name is Julia (Chris’ wife and mum to our little ones). I’m generally the one you’ll chat to on social media – feel free to say hi or ask if you need anything.
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