English Summer Honey Runny Sample


English Summer Honey Runny Sample

This sample jar of honey is a taste of our local hives. Our bees have gathered nectar from a diverse range of wildflowers and other native plants to create this sweet and complex honey.

Each spoonful is a unique and delicious experience, showcasing the unique flavours of our region. Enjoy it on toast, in yogurt, or in your favourite recipes.


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English Summer Honey Runny Sample

Our pure, natural honey is a testament to the beekeeping traditions and values which have guided our family business for years.

In 2018, I, Chris, was working as an Estate Manager for Peter, who had kept beehives since he was a child. We partnered together to form Woodstock English Honey, with a view to providing our local community with pure, quality honey. Starting with just 20 hives, we quickly realised that in order to keep up with demand, we needed to expand – and fast! Since then, we have built up a strong collective of 400+ hives, across the Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire countryside, which is then extracted in a purpose adapted barn by myself and my trainee beekeeper, Jamie.

Honey bee colonies are now very rarely found in the wild, so healthy honey bee populations rely on local beekeepers. All our honey is produced from our own collection of hives, local to us in Ashridge, Hertfordshire. These apiaries produce us small batches of honey, each one special to us and our countryside. Working to traditional beekeeping methods, we maintain healthy apiaries and work in partnership with local landowners to ensure the best quality products reach you and your families.

Our English Summer Honey Sample Jars are a perfect way to try Woodstock Honey before committing to a larger jar. These jars are large enough to try a spoonful or two of our honey and see if you love the taste like we do. The colour of our honey will vary based on the nectar our bees collect. For this reason, natural honey will vary each year. Woodstock Honey is 100% pure and natural, with nothing added or taken away.

These little jars also make great gifts, stocking fillers or thoughtful presents for those who suffer with hayfever and seeking a natural remedy – which local honey is known for helping! They also pair perfectly with our Wooden Honey Dippers, if you are looking to make that gift extra special. Have you seen we also offer them in our English Spring Honey too?

Every sample jar of Woodstock Honey is extracted & labelled by Jamie and myself. By doing so, we ensure the best quality products are leaving our Woodstock HQ before making their way to you.

Each jar will have a minimum weight of 56G.

Our Woodstock mission is to attend local events and support the wider community in raising awareness around the importance of beekeeping and it’s heritage, so it can continue to flourish for many generations to come.

Health Benefits of Honey:
Pure honey is a Natural Sweetener, Natural Carbohydrate, Anti inflammatory, Antioxidant & Antibacterial Agent. Unlike many brands found in supermarkets, our honey offers more health benefits due to it not being added to or taken away from.

This product is suitable for Vegetarians.

Not suitable for infants under 12 months of age.

Store at room temperature. Please note that crystallisation may naturally occur due to it being a natural product. If this happens, place jar in warm water and gently warm back to a texture you prefer.

Production Address: Sallow Copse, HP4 1LZ

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